Project Managers at Work – Expert Guidance for All Project Managers [Bruce Harpham book review]

I recently read Bruce Harpham’s new book, Project Managers at Work.

Bruce Harpham Project Managers at WorkI wasn’t sure what to expect. The cover image looked intimidating.

But once I started, I wanted to keep reading. There were so many great interviews.

And before I knew it, I’d read the entire book!

Each interview contains a unique story of a project management career path, along with solid advice gained from years of experience.

In Project Managers at Work, Bruce Harpham shares the wisdom and insight of twenty-five notable individuals who are working as senior project managers, or who have moved on from project management to more senior positions such as program managers, executives, and CEOs.

This is guidance that anyone in a project management career path can benefit from.

The information covers topics such as decision-making, leadership, influence, and managing teams.

The layout makes it an easy read. Even so, each interview provides amazing advice that can help you grow in your career.

There are loads of suggestions you can use right away.

Each time you pick up this book, you’ll be reminded of sound practices or come away with new advice to improve your project management skills.

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Bruce is an experienced Project Manager and Writer.

Bruce is the creator of Project Management Hacks, a site that “helps technology enthusiasts improve productivity through the power of Bruce Harphamstories.” In addition, he contributes to many other publications.

I’ve followed Bruce’s writing for several years and love his work. It’s easy to see he’s passionate and eager to help others through his writing.

After reading Project Managers at Work, I was so impressed that I wanted to interview Bruce to ask a few questions.

I loved the book concept and layout and wanted to know more.

Bruce was kind enough to spend time answering my questions.


Bruce Harpham Interview


Leigh:  I loved all the interviews in Project Managers at Work! How did you select the participants you interviewed? What criteria did you use?

Bruce:  It was a combination of factors. The publisher is focused on the technology industry so I thought it would make sense to include a focus on that industry.

I’ve always been fascinated by space exploration, so I wanted some people from that field as well.

I also wanted to include people from different countries: Canada, USA, UK and elsewhere.

Leigh:  You’ve worked in project management for many years. Did you learn anything new from any of the interviews?

Bruce:  I was surprised by the unexpected ways people have found to create their careers. You can start with one industry like IT and later move into the training industry, for example.

I also found it interesting that several project managers found success first in a technical discipline before adding project management to their field.

Leigh:  Was there anything that surprised you?

Bruce:  The relative lack of emphasis on technical project management skills. Everyone was more interested in networking, leadership, and related skills. That is only partly a surprise since I tended to focus the interviews on those areas.

Leigh:  How did writing this book impact you?

Bruce:  Writing a book had been a goal for some years. It is quite satisfying to have it completed! The book also gave me the opportunity to speak at two conferences in 2017. I also have greater confidence to write another book in the future.

Leigh: This is not your first book. How was writing this one different from the others?

Bruce:  This is my first traditionally published book. I’ve previously created information products.

This book was different because there were many people to coordinate: the participants, the publisher and so forth.

Leigh: What do you want others to most gain from or get out of this book?

Bruce:  Your career is a project that you manage and design! Your past achievements and skills are helpful, but they do not determine your destiny. If you want to change industries, get promoted or become an entrepreneur, set up a plan and make it happen!


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Highly recommend


I highly recommend this book no matter where you are in your project management career.

If you’re just starting out, this book will help you move ahead faster.

If you’ve been in project management for years, you’ll get advice to help you improve and go further in your career.

As I said earlier, you’ll find great advice you can use right away.

And the layout allows you to pick it up and thumb through it easily at any time for great reminders. You may even want to have it at the office to share with your team.

If you read it, let me know what you think! Do you have a favorite piece of advice from the book?

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