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Templates: Meeting Agenda & Meeting Notes

These meeting templates are in Word format, so you can easily modify them as needed. Along with the templates, I’ve also included examples of each, so you can see what they look like once completed.

Templates-Meeting Notes & Agenda

Templates are in Word format – easily modify and use as needed

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    7 Simple Steps to Better Communication

    Communication is a critical part of successful meetings. These 7 simple steps can improve your communication in any situation.

    7 Steps to Better Communication

    Easy ways to instantly improve your communication skills.

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      Additional Resources for Great Meetings

      MANAGING CONFLICT: As a facilitator and leader, it’s important to know how to navigate disagreements while maintaining respect and trust:

      PROBLEM-SOLVING MEETINGS: If you’re running a problem-solving meeting, these resources can help:

      EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: To become more familiar with and develop your emotional intelligence:

      BUILDING TRUST & RAPPORT: Icebreakers can help build rapport if you’re bringing a new group of people together: