Project Managers Change the World


It’s not only visionaries and dreamers who change the world.

It takes more than just an idea to make a change.

The idea must be put into motion – it must be executed.

And that’s what Project Managers do.


Ideas Without Action Have No Impact

People come up with ideas every day.

Most people don’t act on their big ideas.

When people have big ideas they usually do one of two things.

  1. They tell their friends, “I have a great idea!” but never act on it. Or…
  2. Never tell anyone for fear it will be stolen, and then never do anything about it.

An idea not acted on just stays an idea.

An idea on its own isn’t enough.

Someone must determine how to make it happen.

Someone must turn that idea into a plan and execute it.

Someone’s got to do the following:

  • understand what’s needed.
  • understand how to get from idea to existence.
  • orchestrate the activities needed to make it real.


Great Ideas Need a Plan and a Leader

There have been amazing projects in technology, healthcare, architecture, transportation, business, and many other industries.

Big ideas take teams of people working together turning the idea into a plan and executing on it.

Someone needs to work with a team to understand all that needs to be done, and then lead them through execution to turn a plan into reality.

A leader coordinates, communicates, and ensures things keep moving forward.

And this person is not always the person who came up with the idea.

This can be for various reasons:

  • They simply don’t want to. There are high-level, broader things to focus on, and turning over the project management to someone else makes sense.
  • They don’t enjoy project management and their strengths lie elsewhere.
  • They don’t know how to create a plan to carry out the dream.

And it’s not only massive projects that need project management skills to help create great change.

Small changes that improve technology, healthcare, business, and quality of life need project managers to help them be successful.


The Project Manager Helps the Visionary Realize Their Vision

As the project manager, you work with the visionary to understand the big picture.

You look closely at the details.

You work with the team to construct a plan to create the change.

You bridge gaps across audiences and teams by communicating in ways to enhance understanding.

It’s an important role.

You keep the work moving forward by supporting the team. And you get to be a part of making a change – whether big or small. Even a small project can be a ripple that has a bigger impact you may not know in the moment.

Consider the work you do as a project manager, and what a great impact you have.

Project managers make dreams come true.

Project managers change the world.

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